White Nails and Artistic Nail Styles 37

White Nails and Artistic Nail Styles 37

White Nails and Artistic Nail Styles 37

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Wouldn’t you like a simple and effective way to polish your nails with some basic colors without the hassle of complex polish blends? Yeah, aren’t we all. Well, we got some good news for you: the colors white and black have always been versatile and a nice mainstay for all things fashion. This time around, we will pick white as our primary color because it compliments and enhances your skin complexion and choice of clothes. You can add a splash of gold or silver or even any other bright color to the white of the nails. Better yet, put a trim of sparkly glittery gold or silver polish or filigree on the tips of some or all nails for an attractive sassy look. For the bold and daring, try to add on some adhesive mini-jems to the surface of a few nails. You will surely bedazzle everyone, haha! Why not slip on some matching accessories such as a shiny wrist-watch, multi-piece bracelets or a few cocktail rings. For those who want more color contrast than synergy, every other nail could be black. Be sure to know that there are quite a few good shades and finishes of white, so you could pick either gloss, matte, sheer, ivory or pearl and so many more. So here’s an elegant list of 52 photos for you to pull some ideas from. Enjoy!

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