Fifteen Classy Short Nails’ Designs 9

Fifteen Classy Short Nails' Designs 9

Fifteen Classy Short Nails’ Designs 9

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Are you looking for some perfectly positive motivation to polish your short nails better? Well, look no furtherĀ  ’cause we’re here to support you in these 15 pretty nail patterns! Get excited!…but keep your hands stable to make these painting patterns look the best ever. Treat yourself to these delicious designs, from monochromatic to bi-chromatic, and from fabulous floral to even auspicious Ombre blends. All you will need are about 5 to 8 different selections of polish, depending on how elaborate you would like to be. So, with no further ado, let’s get this party started right with these 15 wonderful motifs for short nails.

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